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Divine 'Light' Masters Series

Come play with me as we tune into, learn about, and channel Divine 'Light' MASTERS. It will be so much fun, I can't stop smiling as I type this! ;-) Each month we will focus on one of these Masters and spend some time with them. We will cultivate a personal relationship with them so that we will feel closer to their vibrational power and essence. Each month I will tune in and see who is being called to communicate with us and we will play with that Light Master for the month. We will meet once a month for 2 hours to focus on, tune into, play with, and channel the 'Light' Master of the month. You will receive weekly messages from them through email during that month.

Our First Divine 'Light' Masters Class will be Tuesday February 28th from 6:00-8:00pm. Cost: $44. Join us in person or through Skype!

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