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The Journey Continues~


I was called to start a 5 Week course over 9 months ago to help shift, activate, and Awaken the potential that resides in each of us. There is a major ascension happening on the planet, you are witnessing it everywhere! We are changing fast as a collective (may not always feel that way, but we are) and the ability to adjust, maintain anchored into the only thing that doesn't waver, and allow what is NO LONGER serving you to fall away, is a saving grace to this beautiful ALCHEMY that is occurring. NOW, that sounds all groovy, right!? LOL, but not so easy, so what I am told is that these Activations *Meditations* are supporting us and holding us in love while accelerating our process. A process that is already happening. Your SOUL purpose being here on earth is to come back home to you. Everything else is just a dance, mask you wear, illusion you believe, hat you put on. Its time to go deeper, and see who you are underneath all the distractions. ITS TIME...for YOU! Which means, its time for ALL.

We did the first one in July and the power, magic and transformation I witnessed in myself and in all that took the course was humbling and just so magnificent. Then I was called to do a Part 2, and honestly I reluctantly (surrendered more like it). And the magic that was co-created was expansive and beyond inspiring. Part 3 was soon to follow and I didn't think each course could get more Powerful & Magical, but it did! So many doorways to truth and love are opening!!

There is much more The Guides would like to share and co-create. I was told that there is great importance in ending 2020 with us and start 2021 with us. Sooooo starting next week, TUESDAY February 16th, I am going to be offering the next 5 Week Course. I am told this one is also going to be taking us through DNA Activations, Accessing Light Codes, And doing Deep subconscious healing from lifetimes.  We will be opening up to LOVE, Raising our vibratory state, and accessing Union with Source. The focus is on new conscious ways of Union and relating with self and others. 
! I just show up each week and see where they direct us. So This is all I can really say at this time. I Do feel, and KNOW how incredibly powerful these courses on multiple levels, and I get teary with appreciation that I get to be a part of this journey with so many powerful, beautiful souls. 

**Important Note: You didn't have to take Part 1, 2, or 3 to join us for Part 4** Really and truly!!! You will not "be behind" or out hf the loop, SO please listen to yourself if you are being called to join us !

** These are ALL recorded and you have access to them for LIFE ** And can do on your own time!

This course will include DNA Activations each night. Meaning we will be waking up some inactive DNA strands that hold multi-dimensional truths that you have not be able to access. These activations will expand your awareness and expand your inner vision. Your intuition will organically be increased and your ability to See the unseen will be accessible. We will be accessing Light Codes and working with Sacred Geometry to support and enhance our ascension process. 

We will be working with, connecting to and exploring our relationship with The Guides (my term of summing up all the high vibrational beautiful beings of Light that I work with). 

Like we did in Part 1, 2, & 3  we will also be working with the ability to move between Dimensions. How to maintain and sustain your vibration in the higher dimensions. Which will have to include working on our wounded 3rd Dimensional Selves (Ego, Earthly Wounds, Programming that keeps you stuck). We will be getting into the Polarities of this 3rd dimension, how to play with them, move through, and beyond them so that you mindfully engage in them without being "Caught up" in them. Like the other courses, there is usually "homework" from the Guides to keep us focused. 

I feel and am told this will feel like a very personalized Course. Your own personal message and support on your evolutionary process.

If any of this resonates with you, I hope to share in this opportunity with you. I feel overwhelmed with Gratitude that we are getting this offering of wisdom and I can't WAIT to share and open the portals of potential with you!! 

It will be:
~ Tuesday Evenings  6:00-7:30pm
~ February 16th, 23rd March 2nd, 9th & 16th. 
~ Cost $358

**358** Meaning & Vibration it holds: 
The number 3 resonates with a love of fun and pleasure, self-expression and communication, support and encouragement, confidence, natural talents and skills, enthusiasm and joy. Number 3 also resonates with the energies of the Ascended Masters,  and positive change. The Number 5 resonates with making important life choices and decisions, major life changes, spontaneity and adventure, adaptability and versatility, individualism, personal freedom and life sessions earned through experience.  The number 8 relates to the Christ Consciousness, and experiencing self in a new way from a higher vibratory state. 

Angel Number 358 is holds a vibration of PRESENCE & LOVE. It invites you to develop a passion & Continue of the path of integrating your Higher Vibrational self. It helps us use our abilities & to aid us in elevating ourselves spiritually. Showing yourself you have all you need to live in your light. Accepting "strengths" and "weakness" as all part of your ascension. 358 also assists us in bringing LOVE all around us! It is about Union and Unconditional self. A new of Relating with ALL. 

Number 358 relates to number 4 (3+5+8=16, 1+6=7) 
The 7 essence is knowledge of self. There is introspection and awareness of your innate spiritual wisdom. 7 is related to inner wisdom, mysticism, intuition and inner strength. Your inner wisdom will help you make the right choices and make good decisions.

It is no doubt that number 7 is considered to be a perfect number, which can help you connect to the universe, and  it can help you receive all the answers that you need. 7 Assists you in witnessing yourself in relation to everything around you.

Oh, and there's this that was brought to us.
Cassiopeia NGC 358: contains several notable deep sky objects, among them the open clusters Messier 52 and Messier 103, the Heart Nebula and the Soul Nebula, the supernova remnant Cassiopeia A, the star-forming cloud popularly known as the Pacman Nebula, and the White Rose Cluster.

Please please ask any questions...and reserve your spot! 
Oh and this will be Virtual so it is accessible to wherever you reside!! 

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