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Mini Yoga Retreats
*Upcoming Retreats Listed below*
I am inspired to share an opportunity! Those of you that know me and know how I work, know that I teach classes that I am "called" to teach or share/offer opportunities that have been support/game changers for me on my journey of inner freedom and expansion. As I look at the offerings that have been, what I will call Spirit Lead, I can see that we are creating a holistic healing platform. This puts me in a state of compete awe and love, as I could have never created this with my own brain and trying. I can see clearly that my willingness to let go and let God as some might say (I prefer Infinite Love, but really its all the same to me), Love flows though, Creator flows through and creates from a energy of purity, love, expansion, and opportunities.
WOW we are so LOVED!

All that to say that I have been guided to share what feels like a missing piece. I offer kundalini class and meditations and they are and can be game changers when you practice them consistently. They can reach levels of blocked energy and historic gooblygop that is stored subconsciously within our entire essence. You know, those feelings/thoughts/actions/stories cycling through the head that resurface and are SO familiar but you CAN NOT USE YOUR BRAIN TO CHANGE. You can say all the positive affirmations (and they are helpful For sure), you can know in your brain and see the truth or how you think you SHOULD FEEL, but you are unable to change the action or reaction. Because you can't, you can't make these shifts through "shoulding", or just knowing how you would like to be handling things. 

There's a different experience that happens when we place ourselves new experience/space for a longer period of time. We have the potential to come to a more relax state of surrender, which gives us more of an opportunity for SUSTAINABLE change. 

So, what I am guided to share is a longer time for us to come and practice. Meditation, Yoga, Meditation, Rest. It will be powerful, oh so powerful and SO Yummy. We will be RESETTING OUR SYSTEMS, RE-WIRING THE BRAIN, RELEASING STORED TRAUMA, RE-CONNECTING TO OUR INNATE WISDOM. 

Once a month I will offer (around a new or full moon) a 2.5 Hour class where we can do just that. I have had amazing shifts in practices like this and I really feel guided to share that kind of opportunity for you. 
Cost: $55

Love & Blessings 
Katie VanZeeland

Upcoming Mini Retreat:
Friday November 
6:00-8:30pm Eastern

I am looking forward to spending the new moon with you, and holding a neutral loving space for you to set personal intentions on what's to come. To clear off what is ready to be released, feel a sense of completion where things are completed, and to tap into a new way to self-express.

These are recorded, so if you would like that option. Just let me know. 
Please let me know if you plan to join live via zoom. 
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 832 9436 3706
Passcode: 403546
Cost: $55 
Paypal: (please pay me as a friend)
Venmo: @katie-vanzeeland (I've been told they may start charging a fee, so if you don't mind, be creative with your payment title)

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