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Connecting with others (in a real, loving, honest, raw, way) makes my heart sing. I love helping people see the light within themselves and to fully embrace it. In my sessions, I guide and challenge clients to live a more authentic, love-driven life. I believe it's important to laugh...every day, as often as possible. Even when it's difficult, I try to bring a lightness to the dark moments in life. I love creating a safe space for others to open up. My heartfelt desire is that people feel the love surrounding them... because it's from that space, they can discover their most authentic self and start living a more whole-hearted life. 





meditating • connecting with God (my inner light) • enjoying all the natural beauties of our Creator (especially the ocean) • riding my bike • hiking • running • playing with crystals and essential oils • reading • journaling • planting • drumming • dancing • doing art (creating) • hammocking • animals • watching sunsets/sunrises/moonrises • Yoga





I have a Masters degree in business education & an undergraduate in business. For 5 years, I taught high school business classes, and coached basketball, volleyball, and softball. The years spent teaching high school were some of the most challenging...and some of the most rewarding. I moved to Tennessee and taught computer classes at a local community college and became a Personal Trainer for The Rush (now Gold's Gym). At the gym, I teach various spin and strength classes as well.


I became more interested in the spiritual workings of life and decided to take a Reiki class on a whim. I was hooked and went on to receive my Reiki Master Teacher certification. I traveled to Hawaii and became certified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner® by Doreen Virtue. I'm also a certified Reverend and enjoy performing marriage ceremonies.


My love of essential oils started about 13 years ago when I realized that the oils not only smelled amazing, but they had the ability to heal body, mind, and spirit. I became certified in Raindrop Therapy and have witnessed first hand the benefits that essential oils can offer. I sell Young Living oils and also offer personalized custom blends with reiki infused oils, moon water, and unicorn tears...kidding. But the custom essential oil blends ARE pretty magical. You can visit my services page for more info. 











• Assist in births/labor

• Assist people in crossing over

• House clearings

• Custom mediations

• Channeled meditations/writings​​


• Meditation Classes

• Kundalini Yoga

• Annual Destination Spiritual Retreat

• Sound Baths

• Restorative Yoga

• Reiki I, II, Master Level

• Mini Spiritual Retreats

• Intuition class

• How to connect with your Guides

• Bootcamps, spin & Yoga classes

• Chakra Yoga & Chakra Classes

• Meet the ArchAngels Monthly Series

• Meet the Ascended Masters Series


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