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Awaken to Your Divine Potential Part 12

🧚🏻‍♀️🧬🦄 LIBERATED 🐉🦄🕊️


Class Starts Tuesday March 14th 2023

Tuesday's 6:00-7:30 pm

March 14th
March 21st

March 28th
April 4th
April 11th 

I am SO excited to start our next series! 

I am given the name of the course ~🧚🏻‍♀️🧬 Liberated 🕊️🦄
the price (which gives a powerful tone to the energy being held) ~ $405
and very little information about what will be shared. 
I just show up, trust, receive, and relay the messages. 

I do know the intention of the course is to re-claim our True Self. To be LIBERATED from the conditions/expectations/shoulds/illusions we have agreed to as a collective and as an individual. We are here to come into our Inner Alignment, Our Pure Tone Resonance with our Highest Vibrational Self. By Aligning to this Vibration it will open doors for others to find their Pure Source Resonance. We will be freeing ourselves from the illusion that we are separate from Source, and will be reclaiming the totality of who we truly are! Sounds magical! I tell people if this is calling to you, come, experience it, its TIME, its TIME, it's TIME 🤗🤍🤗

We will continue to clear out the outdated (from lifetimes) energies and beliefs and Release what is no longer serving you, to discover beyond the Illusions and be re-known. This isn't something we can just shift by telling our brain, it takes a shift of energy, a different vibration to move from and Resonate with and rest in. 


I am told the  DNA Activations *Meditations* are supporting us and holding us in love while accelerating our process. A process that is already happening. Your SOUL purpose being here on earth is to come back home to you. Everything else is just a dance, mask you wear, illusion you believe, hat you put on. Its time to go deeper, and see who you are underneath all the distractions and illusions, and Emerge from your Highest Vibrational Self. 

ITS TIME...for YOU! Which means, its time for ALL.

**Important Note: You did NOT have to take Part 1-11 to Join!

Please listen to yourself if you are being called to join us!
Its time to listen to the calling!!!! 

** These are ALL recorded and you have access to them for LIFE ** And can do on your own time! AND I have been told these courses are timeless. 

Class Info:
~ Tuesday Evenings  6:00-7:30pm
~ March 14th, March 21st, March 28th, April 4th, April 11th
~ Cost $405

Please please ask any questions...and reserve your spot! 
Oh and this will be Virtual so it is accessible to wherever you reside!! 

* 405 * Meaning & Vibration it holds

Significant changes are happening. These experiences or ones that you will be forced to make are here to improve your life! These changes will benefit your overall future. 
Everything is unfolding according to Divine Love, and 405 holds the vibration of support and guidance while navigating through these transitionary times.  

Allow/accept/witness the changes and you will soon realize they are for your highest good and greatest joy.


405 helps us to listen to our inner guidance system as the steps we need to take (if there are any), to prepare yourself for the changes that are occurring. 


The number 4 signifies, focus, endurance, patience, building foundations for the future and moving towards your goals.


The number 0 signifies spirituality, spiritual development and enlightenment, beginnings and endings, infinity, eternity, phases and cycles in life.


The number 5 signifies significant life changes, major decisions and choices, adventure, intelligence, freedom, independence, adaptability and resourcefulness.


The number 9 (the sum of 405) signifies humanitarianism, serving humanity, spirituality, spiritual development, gaining spiritual knowledge, teaching and healing.


As a blend of these influences, the number 405 signifies the journey towards your spiritual enlightenment, serving humanity, love for all people, determination, endings and new beginnings, freedom, independence, major life decisions and choices, significant life changes and adaptability.


~ Venmo: @katie-vanzeeland (I've been told they may start charging a fee, so if you don't mind, be creative with your payment title)

~ Paypal: (please pay me as a friend)
~Cash or check works too, just let me know if you want my address.

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