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Kundalini Yoga

This class is powerful, healing, opening, nurturing, challenging physically, mentally, spiritually in a totally supportive environment, and so much FUN! We integrate pranayama, mudras, mantra, asana, and meditation for a magical experience of relaxation and freedom in our bodies, mind and soul.  The intention of this class is to allow our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies to release blocks/gruntis that are keeping us from living/knowing/feeling our true loving essence. This class will enhance your intuition and natural gifts that are locked up inside of you. 

Each class ~ 75 minutes$15 per class.

Thursdays 12:00-1:15pm

Restorative Yoga

We are living in a culture that is busier then ever before. We move fast, eat fast food, are surrounded by cell phones, social media, and electrical wires. On top of that we are trying to balance family life, friend life, jobs, and you could probably add a few other things to this list. :-) Most of us are so used to this way of being we don't even realize that our bodies are reacting to all these stressors by secreting hormones from your adrenal glands and sending your body into a flight or fight response. This will increase your heart rate, blood pressure, mental alertness, and muscle tension. Our digestion, elimination, growth, reproduction and repair systems are shut down and our body's capacity to heal itself is compromise. New ailments occur, for example high blood pressure, back pain, immune dysfunction, reproductive problems, emotional imbalances (anxiety, depression, insomnia, agitation, anger)


Learning how to relax is the key! This will allow:

-slower heart rate

-slower rate of breathing

-lower blood pressure

-slower brain wave patterns

-slower aging

-think more clearly

Restorative Yoga helps open the spine in all directions which will enhance the health of the spine. In Restorative Yoga we gently stimulates and soothe the organs by forcing blood out of the organs in some poses, and then soak the organs with fresh oxygenated blood in other poses. It is also a beautiful way to be guided and for some of us introduced to our inner bodies and help body awareness. 

2 hour Class... $33 per person. 

See calendar for scheduled workshops. Offered Friday's 6:00-8:00 pm~ 2x's time a month.



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