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Awaken Your True Potential Part 2 ~ {GUIDES & ACTIVATIONS}


Awaken Your True Potential Part 1 was a 5 week course held in July and it was (at least for me) beyond magical, inspiring, exhilarating, expansive, and such a blessing to be a part of. During that course it was made clear that there is much more to share and co-create. Sooooo starting in October, I am going to be offering the next 5 Week Course. I am told this one is also going to be taking us through DNA Activations and Accessing Light Codes. We will be Diving deeper into The Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Mulit-Dimential Beings of Light and more!

**Important Note: You didn't have to take Part 1 to take Part 2**

This course will include some DNA Activations. Meaning we will be waking up some inactive DNA strands that hold multi-dimensional truths that you have not be able to access. These activations will expand your awareness and expand your inner vision. Your intuition will organically be increased and your ability to See the unseen will be accessible. We will be accessing Light Codes and working with Sacred Geometry to support and enhance our ascension process. 

We will be working with, connecting to and exploring our relationship with The Guides (my term of summing up all the high vibrational beautiful beings of Light that I work with). Learning more about them, and how to connect with them and listen to our personal messages as well as messages for the collective. 

Like we did in Part 1 we will also be working with the ability to move between Dimensions. How to maintain and sustain your vibration in the higher dimensions. Which will have to include working on our wounded 3rd Dimensional Selves (Ego, Earthly Wounds, Programming that keeps you stuck). We will be getting into the Polarities of this 3rd dimension, how to play with them, move through, and beyond them so that you mindfully engage in them without being "Caught up" in them. 

I feel and am told this will feel like a very personalized Course. Your own personal message and support on your evolutionary process.

If any of this resonates with you, I hope to share in this opportunity with you. I feel overwhelmed with Gratitude that we are getting this offering of wisdom and I can't WAIT to share and open the portals of potential with you!! 

It will be:

~ Tuesday Evenings  7:15-8:30pm
~ October 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th & November 3rd
~ Cost $333.44

(the timing feels so perfect I get teary thinking about it!)

** 333.44 ** Meaning & Vibration it holds: 

Its time to grow. And 333 keeps you in alignment with the energy of God/Universe/Spirit. And it holds the vibration to connect with your Inner Truth

333 is often considered a direct message from the Ascended Masters. And represents Strength, Transformation, and New beginnings.

44 Brings Support and A knowing that everything will be ok. That you are supported and held by the Angels. 


Please please ask any questions...and reserve your spot! 
Oh and this will be Virtual so it is accessible
{{ Link to Class on CALENDER}} to wherever you reside!! 

With So So much gratitude & Love,
Katie VanZeeland


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