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Reiki, Intuitive counseling, Yoga, Personal Training, Oils Blends, Bootcamps

Katie is the most authentic, supportive, and uplifting person I have ever encountered. Her ability to tune into the energy behind your words is fascinating and simply put, life altering.  While my mind was sifting through what I perceived in this third dimensional world, Katie’s gifts guided me to an expanded awareness and much deeper understanding. 

In a safe and supported environment, she enabled me to dismantle my outdated hardwiring that kept me stuck.  As these perceptions shifted, my innate ability to connect to Source, love, and MY TRUTH blossomed—something I believe Katie could see trapped within me upon our first session even though I felt so lost and unworthy.

Katie vibrates in LOVE and her very essence trickles down and it’s flipping contagious! Her ability to trust in the “perfect process” illuminated the hard times and allowed me to take on trying moments of life much lighter and in alignment with Source.  The shift in perception allows me to be inquisitive in times of trial wondering “what am I supposed to learn from this perfect set-up.” Since working with Katie I process through things much differently and quickly, freeing up so much energy.  I trust myself and my intuition in a way I didn’t know was possible. 

If you are considering starting a journey with Katie, I promise it will be the best investment in yourself EVER. She is pure magic and light.  She is real and vulnerable and provides a platform for healing that is so powerful. I have so much gratitude, appreciation, and respect for the work Katie does. 

 -Megan C.

I have known Katie for over a decade, and she is one of the best people I have ever known. She is

sincere, caring, honest and loving in all aspects of life. She is an expert in her field and that shows in the

way she handles every situation. She listens to you and seems to always know what is best for you.

Her training for physical well-being is the best I have ever encountered. She seems to sense what you

need and just how much to expect of you. She never pushes too hard but challenges you to the perfect

point. She always responds to questions before or afterwards and helps you reach the best place

possible in yoga or exercising.

Concerning Reiki, it is magical in that she helps in any situation you may be in. Her sense of knowing

what may be best to help you achieve relief or comfort is perfect. Both my wife and I use her services

knowing we will be better off than before we saw her.

Katie has planned several retreats that we have done and are forever in a better place afterwards. They

have changed our lives for the better and allowed us to share our experiences with everyone in our

family. We have learned many things during the retreats and look forward to sharing those experiences

with others. We plan to do more with her in the future.

These words cannot fully express our love for Katie and how grateful we are to have been lucky enough

to have her as part of our lives. I would trust anything we have with her, offer any help possible for her

and hope that we continue our relationship with her until the end of time. She always gives more than

she receives and appears to not want it any other way.

~ Philip Z. 

Awakening Series
I am in complete awe of the way connections can be made long distance.  I was skeptical, at first, that a class meeting via Zoom could be powerful - and I was so wrong!  It’s difficult to explain the shifts in knowing (heart understanding, not just mental understanding) that can lift your perspective about everything in your life.  Most people live their whole lives, never finding a teacher, cheerleader, and Angel like Katie.  If you’re reading this, lucky you!  You’ve found a priceless tool to help you elevate your life.  Katie also facilitates an experience in which the student feels connected, supported, and empowered by all the other students in the class.  Meeting together in the same space and time to learn and lift one another is a magical shared experience I wish everyone could enjoy and learn from.  

~Denia K. 


In addition to being the most awesome person ever, you're also an incredible yoga instructor! Your class is raw and brave and vulnerable...I even felt myself get teary at one point (you were talking about love and kindness and it just resonated with me/my son's dynamic...simply powerful. I left feeling relaxed AND strong...and proud of myself and affirmed...beyond yummy. And such a SAFE place! oh, I just loved it!

-Jhasta, Knoxville, TN 


A little over one year ago I found myself in a place where I was sad, uncomfortable, and in search of healing. I felt stuck and did not have any idea where to begin.  A random stranger told me about Katie and it is because of her testimonial that day, I called her. From my initial meeting I knew I was in the right place. With Katie’s warm and kind spirit I immediately felt loved and supported. I have consistently seen Katie over the past year and honestly don’t know that I would have grown and made as much progress in my own healing if she hadn’t facilitated and encouraged me throughout the process.  No matter what maybe going on in your life, rest assured that Katie’s advice and natural healing abilities will be for your greatest good.  I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with her. My life is forever changed.
-Sharon, Knoxville, TN

Katie is an amazing and loving soul that uses her gifts with grace.  I have had numerous energy healing sessions which have helped in so many ways process through the layers of life.  More recently I have also had the privledge to work with Katie in her fitness coaching bootcamp program.  We meet once a week and she coaches the group in a high intensity fitness program that is different every week.  She is so in tune with creating a unique program every week that both meets my fitness needs and keeps me growing outside of my boundries at the same time.  This program has changed my life in so many ways.  First of all, it is so wonderful to be in shape again and to feel so great in my body.  Second of all, it has helped me feel more grounded in my daily life.  Thirdly, it has really helped me realize how important excercise is as a life long comitment for me.  Thank you Katie!

-Michael, Knoxville, TN

I love all the classes Katie has to offer. If it’s restorative yoga, kundalini yoga, a gong bath, or one of her courses the classes are held in what feels like such a magical space. I am so grateful for what she offers because it’s such a unique experience that you can’t find in our area. The classes help me set aside time for myself and I always feel more relaxed and in a better state when leaving. Katie is very intuitive and has a great feel for exactly what is needed during the classes. I would recommend first hand anything that Katie has to offer because it always seems to be exactly I have needed. 

~ Allie K. 

Simply put: I love Katie.

Her beautiful spirit, her love, and her guidance are gifts that I'm so grateful to have received. They've opened my eyes to so much and enhanced my life more than I can say. And to know there's always a place waiting for me where judgements are never made - a place I know I'll leave happier - is beyond comforting. She is truly an amazing person and I'm forever grateful to have found her!

-Kim, Knoxville, TN 



I am grateful for your talent delivering Reiki over distance. I have really missed getting to visit in person since we moved, but it has been wonderful to get to continue our healing sessions and to continue experiencing the growth and magic of your intuitive classes. You are such a powerful, amazing and loving healer and I am blessed to have you in my life. Thanks for all you do!

I have to say that your intuition classes have been one of the most life-alterting experiences that I have had in the last 5 years. I love that you are helping people recognize this power and talent in themselves! 

-Susan, Washington D.C

Personal Training

I have been working out with Katie for over a year now and I could not be happier!  I have been battling my weight for years and decided I had to take my health seriously. I have worked out with other trainers in the past and have had limited success for one reason or another. I have never experienced a trainer quite like Katie. She has been able to push me beyond what I thought were my physical limits.  As the sessions went on I became more and more confident in what I could do physically. Katie was able to challenge me in many ways. I have overcome great obstacles with her help. I have noticed muscles that I never knew I had suddenly appearing.  I feel stronger and faster after each session. Katie is not a typical trainer she not only has an understanding of the physiology of training but also is an excellent motivator. I cannot imagine having another trainer. Katie has helped me find something in myself that I did not even know existed. 

-Tori, Knoxville, TN


Boot camp 
I began attending Katie’s boot camp classes just a few months ago. I was looking for a challenging addition to my current workout routine and I found it. Katie not only is fun to work with but she has the ability to motivate you in the kindest way possible. She is able to recognize when you are capable of doing more. Even if you don’t realize it, you are being challenged to take yourself to the next level. Katie has attracted an amazing group of people that attend her classes. They are an added bonus of coming to class. It’s a win-win so come join us!
-Sharon, Knoxville, TN



I need you to know how unbelievably thankful I am that I aimlessly wandered into your spin class 3 years ago. You have helped me learn to love working out to find my own strength-to go much deeper then just burning the calories. And now, you are helping me find my own strength in life by walking with me in some of my darkest places that I've rarely been able to share. Thank you for being a light in my very dark hopelessness. I am so grateful for your constant kindness and your willingness to support me. 

-Sara, Knoxville, TN 



I want you to know how much I admire you. You have such an amazing gift. The space you create is so safe and loving. I feel I can be my true self. From my first Reiki session to my first Reiki class, I felt that connection. Reiki has changed my life. I have felt like I was a healer but never had the confidence to believe in myself. Reiki has opened that door to inner healing needed to be clear and open with myself and others. It’s been a difficult journey but with your love, support, and encouragement, this journey has been so freeing and rewarding. How grateful I am to Spirit for guiding me to you.

-Dodie, Knoxville, TN


I wanted to tell you that I had an awesome day! This is the first day in a long time that I felt “alive” again. I just assumed once I got up today that all of the crazy emotions would surface again and I would be back to my depressed state. But I feel like my attitude has changed and I know I have you to thank for it! So I want to thank you not just for Reiki but for encouraging me and helping motivate me also. You definitely have a gift of helping other people!

-Sean, Knoxville, TN


Reiki alone has many wonderful benefits but Katie brings much more to her “table”. She genuinely cares about all of her clients.  And actually “clients” doesn’t even seem like the right word:) She works from a place of deep compassion with no judgment. She has helped me through numerous tough spots in my life because I feel as though I can be open and real with her and she will not judge me. Reiki by Katie has all the benefits of Reiki with the extra added yummy of Katie.

-Krystle, Knoxville, TN


Dear Katie,

I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much different I feel since I had the appointment with you on my birthday.  You are such a blessing!!  I feel like a different person inside… so much more at peace.  I am talking to the angels a lot and can actually feel myself calming down. Again, thank you so much!! I look forward to seeing you again soon.

-Jamie, Cookville, TN


Dear Katie,

I am grateful to have found you here in Knoxville. I really appreciate the work we do together and the way that you so patiently and fully listen to me. Not only do our sessions help me feel good, I know they are allowing me to grow and develop into a more complete being. Thank you also for enabling me to connect with my son before his birth-it was a very special experience.

-Susan L., Knoxville, TN



Thank you so much for inviting me to your Reiki exchange on Thursday evening. What an opportunity for each of us! And what great energy we all experienced! You are truly a gifted teacher and practitioner. I feel blessed to know you and to share your enthusiasm for healing. Peace to you and yours.

-Barbara, Knoxville, TN


Katie’s oil blends truly are magical. I could feel them working as soon as Katie began to work on my special blend. Then, when I received my magical oil and read the affirmations, they were perfect! It is so clear that Katie was guided to put together the perfect blend and affirmations to help me make the changes I needed. I am so excited in the changes I’ve seen and I know that Katie’s Magical Oils have helped me get to this point. I highly recommend this for anyone needing help in any area of their lives.

-Tammie, Knoxville, TN

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