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Sound Healing Journey

The Sound Journey experience is one don't want to miss. You will melt away into the frequencies of crystal singing bowls attuned to the chakras, a Pluto gong for deep spiritual transformation, a crystal harp that may bring tears to your eyes, and sweet powerful Koshi Chimes that may leave your heart dancing. The vibrations will allow your system to release the energies keeping you out of harmony/balance. And most likely you will leave feeling relaxed and recharged. There is so much data on how frequency helps heal, so I will let you do that research, but if we can reset our nervous system, the benefits really are endless! 

Each class ~ 1 hour$22 per class. I usually offer crystal shopping afterwards. 

See calender for scheduled Classes.


Crystal Shopping

I have a room filled with crystals for sale. I have found a 'crystal fairy' who travels the world and brings back pieces for us to enjoy and connect with on this beautiful journey here on Earth 🤗 If there is something you are looking for and I don't have it here , I may be able to get it for you!

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