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Transformational Spiritual Yoga Retreat 2024
A Time To RE-CONNECT, Re-Charge, Restore & Explore!!
I would love for you to Join me in this Unforgettable Opportunity ✨🌈💙🧘🏽‍♀️

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This could be your view from the pool! 

Are you ready to make some changes in your life? To transform...and live your fullest life while you're here on Earth? Do you feel stuck? Stagnant? Do you want a break, a change in scenery, and a push to do something different? We get so set in our routine, and as wonderful and helpful as routine is, no change will happen from doing the same thing. (And yes, I am listening to my own advice I would love to hold a safe space for you to step out of your comfort zone and into a your highest potential.

I am so excited to be offering a Yoga Retreat at the start of 2024! Costa Rica held such a supportive, loving, and beautiful space for us last  2 years, that I felt called to return and explore a different area. It is BEYOND a gift to me, to witness the transformation that occurs within each of those that have gone in the years past!  

The intention of this retreat is to be your personal spiritual Re-Connection. I feel it will also bring a sense of Renewal, and Restoration. Those who have experienced these retreats prior years say that they went through a powerful personal transformation. 🥰 Honestly the possibilities feel limitless!!!

We will be practicing yoga everyday, along with meditation, and pranayama; giving you an opportunity to go within, recharge and get clearer on your own inner-workings.  I can't tell you how grateful I feel to be able to facilitate such a magical opportunity. I will also be taking you on some adventures to explore the magic of Costa. 

**** Keep in mind, I have very limited rooms. This will be a small retreat, so If you know you want to go, you might want to confirm your spot  ASAP. **** Please contact me, with questions and concerns. 

(Will Vary Depending on the Room & Occupancy) 
Budget for about 3,300. 
This will include 2 Meals a day.
7 Nights in a beautiful home right on the beach with lots of beach toys!
(Prices are for 7 nights stay. January 27th-February 3rd 2024...SO these are the dates you would want to book your flight for)

Cost include: 
*7 nights stay
*2 Meals a Day 
*Yoga- 2 times a day
*30 Minute One-on-One with Katie
*Guidance on things to check out.
*At least one group adventure.
* Flight not included. Fly into Liberia, Costa Rice (LIR)
* Transportation to/from Airport is NOT included. (But it's only a 45 minute drive)

There will be a required NON REFUNDABLE down payment of $1,000.  (Only because I had a non refundable down payment in order to hold the dates for our retreat)
BUT~ IF you or I find someone to take your spot, I would be more than happy to return your deposit!!

~Below is a little info on our Retreat Oasis~












We will be staying at a beautiful beachfront home that has an infinity pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean!!  The house even has 8 Bikes, 4 Boogie Boards, 2 single Kayaks, and 1 double Kayak, and a pool table. 

We will be in Playa Potrero which is in the Guanacaste Peninsula of Costa Rica. This region is known for its crystal clear water and variety of color-sand beaches. Inland from the beaches Guanacaste remains Costa Rica's wild west and you will see cattle ranches and cowboys (habaneros). Which in my mind, this means cows and horses !! Guanacaste is also the home to several active volcanos and some beautiful national parks, which feature hot springs, bubbling mud pots, pristine waterfalls, volcanic craters, mangroves, tropical birds, sea turtles, monkeys and lots of wildlife! 

ALL fitness levels are welcome and encouraged! This retreat will be tailored to you- individually- to the best to my ability. It feels so guided, loving and truly transformational for each you! I am BEYOND excited to witness what Infinite LOVE has in store for you. 

If you are feeling a nudge, an interest, an inkling to join us on this unforgettable experience, I am holding space for you to take the action step to manifest what your soul is calling you to do.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns. I would love to hear from you.

Take note on some things you might want to take care of/think about if you are leaning toward Joining us for this transformational retreat in Costa Rica this year!

1. Do you have a passport?
2. Yes, there is laundry facilities on site. 
3. Do you want to see some animals and birds you've never seen before? 
4. Are you looking for a roommate?
5. Do you know you can do things out of your comfort zone? 
6. Again...Questions? Concerns? Please ask!!! There are not any dumb questions, and ask as many questions you have!!

Please contact me with any questions or concerns. 

Love & Light

Katie VanZeeland

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