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6 Week Meditation Series

I am really excited to be offering a 6 Week Meditation series starting at the end of June. The benefits of meditation are endless (I will share some below), and we hear all the time we 'should' meditate. However, a lot of us don't really know what that means, or how to go about doing it. So whether you have a consistent meditation practice or are new to mediation, this series is for you. It will help you deepen your meditation practice and/or teach you how to implement new ways of meditation into your life. During these 6 weeks we will be learning different ways to meditate and the benefits of each. We will then spend time in meditation. We will be starting Wednesday June 22nd, and will meet every Wednesday for 6 weeks from 7:00-8:00/8:30pm. June 22nd June 29th July 6th July 13th July 20th July 27th Cost for the series is $122 or $22 per class. Reserve your spot as soon you can, space is limited. You do not need to sign up for the entire series in order to come and play. Also, once we start, if there are dates that don't work for the majority we may look at skipping a week and adding it at the end.

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